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On Breath Circles



When was the last time you set aside quiet time to just be -- without a television, computer or phone within reach?


When was the last time you checked in with yourself and really listened?


Our world competes for our attention. It drives us to focus on that Next Big Thing, that Goal, that Thrill -- whatever it is that makes us feel good, or complete, or loved.


No advertisement ever says, “Ignore this. Pay attention to your inner voice. “


Yet, that’s where all the good stuff is!


Maybe it’s been so long, you don’t remember what your inner voice sounds like,

let alone what it has to tell with you.


So come take your place in a Breath Circle, where we share an intention to find out.


The wisdom you carry inside is uniquely for you. Some call this the Higher Self.

Others call it spirit, or soul.


It doesn’t really matter what you call it, only that you realize it is always waiting to give itself to you.


In a Breath Circle, we use an ancient, simple-to-learn technique, known as pranyama breathing, as taught by noted healer David Elliott. It eases the release of stuck energies in our bodies, minds and emotions, creating openings and a pathway to our Higher Selves.


The Breath Circle is a supportive and safe environment where we open up to our true natures, discovering the power of Self Love.


Though relaxing and fun, the results can be transformative. This breath work can put you in touch with everything you’ve ever wanted or need, by bringing you closer to your essential wisdom, beauty, joy and humanity.

abbe kanter jaye

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